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New Mexico Excellence in Learning (NMEXL) Program

New Mexico Excellence in Learning
  1. Mentorship and coaching on how to effectively use the Criteria for Performance Excellence
  2. Training (either through public workshops or to individual customers) on the various aspects and principles of the Criteria
  3. Assessments, including the assessments associated with the awards program, to provide organizations with an objective third-party view of their strengths and opportunities for improvement
  4. Participation in our annual Learning Summit, which allows organizations to share best practices and learn from those who have effectively used the Criteria around the State and the Nation to achieve best-in-class results.

How will we know that our products and services are benefiting New Mexico’s educational system?

As NMEXL works with particular schools and districts in New Mexico, we will determine our effectiveness by improvements in the results YOU have designated as keys to success. Using the Criteria to achieve best-in-class results often takes ten years or so; but significant, measurable improvements that are clear to all stakeholders of our educational system can come in only one or two years. The key is to demonstrate accelerated progress towards excellence in learning at all levels—student, classroom, school, district, and state. That's the goal we want to help you achieve.