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It is all about being a great organization that produces exceptional results! Whether your organization is small or large, established or a startup, for profit or not for profit, the Criteria for Performance Excellence and the New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards training and assessment process can help you achieve the goals you establish for sustainability.

It is all about your customer – it’s imperative to know the wants and needs of your customers, to produce high quality in your products and be a role model in the delivery of services.

It is all about your workforce – communication and earning their trust as you lead the organization into the future, using their creative ideas, knowing their needs to effectively produce and deliver to the customer, taking action on emerging product/service ideas are all key to high performance.

The Framework and Criteria are tools that provide ‘the big picture’ and help guide your organization on its excellence journey. It helps you decide on other performance resources such as Lean, Six Sigma, ISO 9000.

The Criteria ask you all the right questions – take the challenge of answering those questions and learn more about the current performance of your organization. Take the challenge of a formal assessment with the New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards program – receive a detailed Feedback Report conducted by a team of specially trained experts.

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A key member value is discounts on the various services. All services/products are available to nonmembers as well.