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The PEP Talk

Performance Excellence Pursuers focus on BEST PRACTICES you can use at the workplace to improve organizational performance.  Join us for the monthly webinar every third Tuesday at 11:00. 


Next PEP Talk: November 17, 11:00 with guest Georgann Taylor


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Next PEP Talk

November 17, 2015

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Our Members "Drive Performance Excellence in New Mexico"

“ . .Quality New Mexico and the National Baldrige Program provided us with a vehicle that has led to increased market share, higher customer satisfaction and improved employee morale.  I don’t think there is a better value for improvement than these programs.”  Bill Enloe, Chairman & CEO Los Alamos National Bank Los Alamos, NM

“. . . our patient satisfaction has improved, quality outcomes are better, financial results have improved, employee turnover is down, employee engagement is up, and our regulatory compliance has improved. This process is a Baldrige process as taught by Quality New Mexico.”  Brian Bentley, CEO  Gila Regional Medical Center  Silver City, NM

“Committing to quality and continued improvement is a good business strategy at any time, but is perhaps more important in this current economic environment.  Because meeting planners and leisure travelers have many choices, with some destinations offering deep discounts, we understand the importance of differentiation.  The practices and systems we have in place will continue to provide stability and guidance as the economy rebounds.  Our relationship with QNM has been key to our organizational improvements.” Joni Thompson, COO, Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau Albuquerque, NM 

“The process has helped our organization focus on improving business and quality practices. The Board of Trustees has used it to provide accountability for management in our pursuit of excellence in quality and service.”  David Shaw, CEO/Administrator, Nor-Lea Hospital District, Lovington, NM

“Not only did I learn more about our company, but the process opened my eyes on how we should focus on quality in all areas of our business.  I am looking forward to becoming an Examiner next year to continue my education on performance excellence.”   John Byrom, President  D.J. Simmons Farmington, NM

 “Bohannan Huston has been a customer of Quality New Mexico for most of the last decade.  The organization serves as an excellent resource as we strive to strengthen our work quality and processes on a daily basis.  We continue to gain valuable insights as a participant in the New Mexico Quality Awards Program.  This outside validation and feedback has been instrumental in helping us identify key areas to focus improvement and our results prove that it works!” Brian Burnett, CEO Bohannan Huston Albuquerque, NM 

 “So often in business today, we spend significant resources in the name of quality yet do not achieve our intended result.  The Quality New Mexico application process is tailored to make efficient use of your resources by approaching quality in a systemic manner.  Lovelace Westside Hospital was performing well in our quality journey, but utilizing Quality New Mexico’s processes has identified opportunities to enhance our consistency.  I am grateful for our experience with Quality New Mexico and would advise other leaders to get involved in order to benefit your organization.” Troy Greer, CEO, Lovelace Westside Hospital Albuquerque, NM