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History of Awards

Since 1994 the New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards program (formally New Mexico Quality Awards) has provided valuable feedback to organizations in their pursuit of improved performance -and quest for 'excellence'. The program also provides public recognition for levels achieved in the NMPEA. 

  • The NMPEA is a 4-tiered proram providing organizations with formal feedback and public recognition at various stages of performance
  • Organizations conduct a self-assessment and submit to QNM for a formal review, a site visit, and a written Feedback Report by a team of Examiners   

    • feedback includes strengths and opportunities for continued improvement

Level 2 Piñon - recognizes organizations that show evidence they are in the beginning stages of identifying and using systematic processes and collecting data that reflect early results in areas of greatest importance - 504 organizations have achieved this Level

Level 3 Roadrunner - recognizes organizations that demonstrate substantive progress in building sound and systematic processes and improved outcomes -216 organizations have achieved this Level

Level 4 Zia Award recognizes organizations that demonstrate through its practices and achievements the highest level of performance - they are considered 'role models' - 14 organizations have achieved the prestegious Zia Award

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award - considered the ultimate achievement for organizational performance excellence - considered 'best in class' Two New Mexico organizations have achieved this level: