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Board of Examiners/Editors (BOE/E)

2014 Board of Examiners/Editors


Manon Arnett
NM Dept of Transportation

Jordon Benard
Nor-Lea Hospital District

Marlene Brown
Sandia National Laboratories

David Camp
Nor-Lea Hospital District

Anne deLain Clark

Sharon Cole, Team Leader
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

Kathy Drangmeister
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

Rob Dzur, Team Leader
Bohannan Huston

Gary Echert, Team Leader

Brittany Esswein, Team Leader
Central New Mexico Community College

Phil Forbert, Team Leader
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

Robin Franke

Veronica Galewaler

Rich Galewaler

Carole Glade
CDI & Central NM Community College

Mary Griego

AnnaMarie Gurule-Duran 

Jerry Gutgsell
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Sam Hatchell
Jaynes Corporation 

Dale Jaramillo
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Earl Jeter

Stan Johnson
VA Cooperative Studies Program CRPCC

Tracy Johnson
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Kayla Kersey
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Kim Kloeppel
UNM Division of Student Affairs

Deborah Lansdell
Haverland Carter Lifestyle Group/ La Vida Llena

Tonya Litherland
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

Lisa Lopez
New Mexico TRD

John Lujan
New Mexico TRD

Shirley Madrid
VA Cooperative Studies Program CRPCC

Sandra Martinez
New Mexico MVD

Cassandra McClain
Lovelace Regional Hospital

Gaylyn Meyers
Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities

Valarie Morris

Rich Mueller
Time Solutions LLC

Suzanne Oliver

Joseph Ortega

Alicia Ortiz

Lilliemae Ortiz
Del Norte Credit Union BOD

Mary Ann Orzech, Team Leader
Physician Team Strategies

Zach Pankratz
UNM Dept of IT

Charina Parrish
Central New Mexico Community College

Mihaela Popa-Simi
LANL Foundation

Sharon Prudhomme
Lovelace Women's Hospital

Linda Reece
Kirtland Federal Credit Union

Lizette Rivera
New Mexico TRD

Dana Roberson

Nichole Rogers, Team Leader
Central New Mexico Community College

Jose Romero
New Mexico MVD

Jackie Salazar
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Gene Schmidt
Los Alamos Public Schools

Brice Simone
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

Maya Stefanovic
Molina Healthcare

Roger Stutz
Del Norte Credit Union

Debbie Sue
Lovelace Women's Hospital

Marlena Taylor, Team Leader
TA-V Sandia National Laboratories

Rebecca Turner
Central New Mexico Community Center

Sadie Valdez
New Mexico MVD

Alan Varela
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

Jamie Welles
Welles & Associates LLC

Margaret Williams
New Mexico MVD

Kim Wiseman
US New Mexico Federal Credit Union

Joyce Woods, Team Leader
Retired, Dow Chemical

Alan Zevenbergen
Intel Corporation

JoAnn Zuniga
New Mexico TRD

Chief Editor

Chris Morgan
Retired, Sandia National Laboratories

Editorial Board

Gary Echert

Kevin Griffin
Compass Consulting

Rich Mueller
Time Solutions LLC

Georgann Taylor
Taylor & Associates

Panel of Judges

Valerie Hand, Lead Judge
Marron & Associates

Amy Boule
New Mexico OMI

Jill Cook

Pam Crowell
New Mexico VA Health Care System

Deborah Gornez
Hospital Services Corporation

Farok Sharif
WIPP/Nuclear Waste Partnership

Bob Stuewe
Retired, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Randy Woodcock
United Way of Central New Mexico

Chief Trainer

Georgann Taylor
Taylor & Associates

Training Team

Valerie Hand
Marron & Associates

Stan Johnson
VA Cooperative Studies Program CRPCC

Chris Morgan
Retired, Sandia National Laboratories

Dawn Reed
Human Strategies

Georgann Taylor
Taylor & Associates

Alma Fuertes
QNM NMPEA Administrator

Retha Shiplet
QNM NMPEA Director

Each year QNM seeks new and former Examiners/Editors to apply and reapply for its NMPEA Board of Examiners/Editors (BOE/E).

  • Members of the BOE/E are professionals, including students and retirees, from around New Mexico and other state programs - these volunteers give generously of their time and enthusiastically help, through the process, organizations achieve higher levels of performance
    • based on individual learning and work, team meetings, site visit volunteers average of 130 hours including training
    • individuals seeking to serve MUST complete an application and agree to the Ethics, Confidentially and Conflict of Interest policies
  • Examiners are selected to serve based on, but not limited to, sector experience, knowledge, expertise, skills, training, objectivity
  • From the BOE/E teams are formed to review an organization's self-assessment - hereinafter called Application*
  • New and Junior Examiners are REQUIRED to attend a workshop on Understanding the Baldrige Excellence Framework.
    • Examiners compare the information in the assigned Application to the requirements of the Framework to identify significant strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • All Examiners are REQUIRED to attend 2 days of training on the process 
  • Examiner Teams:
    • review and score assigned Application
    • conduct a Site Visit to learn more about the organization and to clarify and verify items in the the Application
    • prepare a written Feedback Report for assigned Applicant
    • address the Panel of Judges on findings  
    • attend the Executive Briefing with Applicant to clarify items in the Feedback Report

*Applications are submitted by organizations from all sectors at one of 3 levels in the multi-tiered NMPEA program as part of their 'performance excellence journey'. They are seeking formal third party review and feedback and on a quest to be role models for New Mexico.

Examiner Benefits

  • learn the nationally acclaimed Baldrige Excellence Framework
  • how to review and score an Application, conduct a site visit, prepare written Feedback Report
  • hands-on experience that increases personal and professional value
  • an experience that will boost a résumé
  • exposure to best practices
  • networking with other professionals
  • various recognition in honor of efforts

Employer Benefits

  • overall improvement as the organizational applies the Examiner(s) knowledge and experience
  • improved processes and results
  • access to intensive training for workforce
  • recognition as an organization that values and promotes performance excellence