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So You Want to be An Examiner...

We are now taking applications for the 2016 Board of Examiners

2015 Board of Examiners/Editors


Alexis Avery
NM Department of Health

Alysha Bachechi
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Denise Baechtel
Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program 

Sharon Cole - Team Lead
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Kingston Colin
Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program 

Lisa Day
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Carolyn Dillon
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Kyle Duncan
Molina Healthcare

Patrick Duran
US House of Representatives

Robert Dzur
Bohannan Huston, Inc. 

Trudy Eberhardt
LifeROOTS, Inc. 

Gary Echert

Brittany Esswein-Rice - Team Lead

Roy Fitzgerald
Sandia National Labs

Phillip Forbert - Team Lead
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Valerie Gallegos
Office of the Attorney General

Gayle Geis-O'Dowd
Molina Healthcare

Joe Gomez
La Vida Llena Retirement Community

Frank Gonzales
La Vida Llena Retirement Community

Mindy Gonzales
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Deniece Griego-Martinez
NM Department of Health

Una Gutierrez
NM Department of Transportation

Sam Hatchell - Team Lead
Jaynes Corp.

Tracy Johnson
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Marcella Jones

Kari Juvera
Enterprise Builders Corp. 

Kayla Kersey - Team Lead
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Charles Kinney
NM Office of the State Engineer

Maria Kniskern
NM Human Services Department, Medical Assistance Division

Max Kush
MSK Consulting Group LLC

MaryEllen Lander
Pharmaceutical Products Development

Paul Layer
TLC Plumbing & Utility

Marc Lewis
YMCA of Central NM

Flora Lucero

Martin Marchi

Carla Martinez
NM Office of the Attorney General

Lance Martinez
NM Taxation & Revenue

Renee Martinez
City of Santa Fe

Marquita Mata
NM Taxation & Revenue

Cassandra McClain
Lovelace Regional Hospital

Terri Mickelsen
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Melissa Middleton

Joseph Navarrete
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Karyn Ogonowski
Kirtland Federal Credit Union

Mary Ann Orzech - Team Lead
Physician Team Strategies

Mihaela Popa-Simil - Team Lead
LANL Foundation

Dawn Reed
Human Strategies, LLC

Jeffrey Roybal
NM General Services Department

Eloisa Sanchez
NM Taxation & Revenue

Angela Sanchez-Caldwell
Molina Healthcare

Danielle Silva
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Donna Strange
Lovelace Regional Hospital

Roger Stutz - Team Lead

Marlena Taylor - Team Lead
Sandia National Labs

Judith Tomasson

April Vigil
NM Taxation & Revenue

Elisa Walker-Moran
NM Taxation & Revenue

Jamie Welles
J Welles & Associates, LLC

Karen Williams
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Antoinette Wright

Alan Zevenbergen

NMPEA Director

Chris Morgan

Retired, Sandia National Laboratories

Editorial Board

Gary Echert

Kevin Griffin
Compass Consulting

Rich Mueller
Time Solutions LLC

Georgann Taylor
Taylor & Associates

Panel of Judges

Valerie Hand, Lead Judge
Marron & Associates

Amy Boule
Retired, New Mexico OMI

Kathie Gilbert
Western New Mexico University

Deborah Gorenz

Hospital Services Corporation

Gail Mora
UNM Hospital

Farok Sharif 
WIPP/Nuclear Waste Partnership

Bob Stuewe
Retired, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alan Varela
US Eagle Federal Credit Union

Randy Woodcock
United Way of Central New Mexico

Chief Trainer

Georgann Taylor
Taylor & Associates

Training Team

Valerie Hand
Marron & Associates

Stan Johnson
VA Cooperative Studies Program CRPCC

Chris Morgan
Retired, Sandia National Laboratories

Dawn Reed 
Human Strategies

Georgann Taylor
Taylor & Associates

Retha Shiplet

Quality New Mexico


Who is an Examiner?

  • An individual passionate about  helping New Mexico become the State of Excellence
  • An individual with working sector knowledge (business, education, health care, government, non-profit)
  • An individual with job experience that covers topics in most all seven Baldrige Criteria categories
  • An individual with a reputation for ethical conduct and integrity
  • An individual who can undertake a temporary ‘project’ and create a ‘unique product’ for Organizations
  • An individual willing to commit personal time (approximately 110 hours)
  • An individual who attends the required training 
  • An individual experienced with team work, contributing equally in effort and meeting required deadlines
  • An Official Member of the NMPEA Board of Examiners

What are the Responsibilities of an Examiner?

  • Attend training on the Baldrige Framework for Excellence® and a 2-day training session on the Project process
  • Adhere to the Ethics, Code of Conduct, Confidentiality policies and disclose any Conflicts of Interest
  • Evaluate an Organization’s written Self-Assessment including:

    • Review, develop key factors, prepare written comments, determine scores,
    • participate in team consensus meetings and site visit,
    • prepare a written Feedback Report on strengths and opportunities for improvement
    • participate in the Executive Briefing to clarify comments and offer additional feedback


What are the Benefits of being an Examiner?

  • Professional development at its best! 
  • Professional challenge that expands knowledge base, enhances effectiveness, sharpens skills
  • A key role in making New Mexico ‘the State of Excellence’ 
  • Knowledge and application of the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence®
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals
  • Experience that adds value to your own organization
  • Exposure to best practices
  • Résumé builder 
  • Public recognition of service 

Why would my employer support this?

  • Examiners are able to see their Organization in a different light;
  • Examiner knowledge and experience can be applied to benefit the organization;
  • Examiners understand the value and mechanics of consensus building
  • Examiners are exposed to best practices;
  • Examiners are knowledgeable in the application of the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence®
  • Your Employer will be recognized as an Organization supporting New Mexico’s quest to be ‘the State of Excellence’ in accordance with Executive Order 2012-003