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Performance Excellence

In 1994 Quality New Mexico (QNM) established the New Mexico Quality Awards program. In 2012 the program changed its name to the New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards. Governor Susana Martinez provided a logical time for QNM to make the change with Executive Order 2012-003 Whereas, the State of New Mexico desires to be known as a 'State of Excellence" with its businesses and organizations achieving role model and best in class performance status.

Download Executive Order 2012-003

To date, 734 New Mexico organizations have received formal recognition:

Level 4 Zia Award - 14
Level 3 Roadrunner Recognition - 216
Level 2 Piñon Recognition - 504

Vision - what we want to acheive

New Mexico is known as a 'State of Excellence'

Mission - what we do

Drive performance excellence in New Mexico